A smattering of music samples……

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Mirror - (Orchestral cinematic, epic)
Technology-X - (Hi energy electronic)
Urban - (Hip hop, urban, rap, heavy)
Stereo Heroes - (from the “Tiger Woods PGA Tour - Master’s Edition” game soundtrack)
Dark Tunnels - (Dark, ambient, mysterious)
New Sun - (orchestral, dramatic, epic)
Spectacle City Theme - Scholastic Math Missions - (Theme song from children’s learning game)
Frat Pack - (Rretro, funky, chilled)
Midnite - (Simpsons/Elfman style, fun, playful, cartoon show-ish)
Funk In The Trunk - (super chill, jazzy, relaxed, groovy)
Backyard_Beach_mix - (from Phineas & Ferb Live)
Outlaw Golf 2 character col - (custom character themes from Outlaw Golf )
TW10_OnlineIntro - (Music from Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online)
Gameshow demo - (audio snippets from EA Gameshow trivia game)
Aurora - (spacey, chill, ambient, distant)