A bit of feedback…..

Mike Taramykin, Executive Producer , Electronic Arts
“Rob is a tremendous talent in the areas of audio design and (music) composition. He is one of the most talented musicians that I have ever worked with and can easily adapt to any musical style or genre. In addition to creative talent, Rob is also very laid back and incredibly easy to work with.”

Matt Dunn, Touchgen.net Review - 5/25/13
“The graphics and sound in Tetris Blitz are fantastic, with some great modern renditions of the original Russian musical themes and some great enhanced effects for the various power-ups in the game. The animation is smooth, and the colorful visuals are slick. It’s what you tend to expect from EA published mobile games.”

Eric Gray, Social Media and Content Producer - Electronic Arts - Tiburon
“Rob is a musical badass. We have worked together on may projects while at EA SPORTS and his level of professionalism and creativity are unmatched. A+”

Amy Kraft, Producer, Scholastic - Sesame Workshop
"I think the music matched all of the locations perfectly, and I still love the Theme song even after hearing it a few thousand times!"

Sierra - Vivendi - Berkeley Systems
"Rob is highly dependable, reliable, makes himself available, and holds his own work up to the highest standards. I felt like I was his only client - when I know for a fact I wasn't. Customers were writing in asking if were going to make a CD of the music he did for the Austin Powers game! If I could hire him full time, I would. You'd be foolish not to!"

David Calabrese, Senior Software Engineer - Microsoft
“I had the opportunity to work alongside Rob at EA for approximately four years, and can say without a doubt that Rob is one of the most talented “can-do” composers, audio post & sfx generalists I’ve ever met. Hard working and always up for a challenge, beautiful music pours forth with a quality matched only by his friendly & easy-going attitude. It sounds trite, but Rob is both a great guy & great at what he does. (Recommended listening: “Golden Blimp” from his personal web site samples.)”

Joey Morelli, Senior Video Editor / Compositor, Electronic Arts - Tiburon (EA Sports)
“Rob is a premiere Senior Audio Artist and the utmost professional...with a great sense of humor. He made me feel right at home when I started working at EA. I was lucky to be able to work closely with Rob on the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 09 in-game video assets (all platforms) and marketing videos. I also work with Rob on many other EA projects: EA Sports World / NASCAR Kart Racing and soon Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 in-game video assets (all platforms) and marketing videos. It is a pleasure going to work every day knowing your audio is in such capable hands. Rob rocks - nuff said.”

Doug Rappaport, Producer
“Rob is seriously one of the best audio guys I have ever worked with. He's super fast, does high quality work, and is extremely reliable. I would recommend his services to anyone.”