Updating the audio for a classic game

This can certainly be a daunting task for any sound professional - being given the sonic keys to an update of a classic old school video game. How true do you stay to the original? Do you give it a modern facelift or go totally retro? The answer, I believe, is to get a vision for what the team is presenting and adjust accordingly. I’m currently in production on a classic game reboot, and the design is a deliberate update, futuristic approach to the game while maintaining the classic elements of play. So it’s built around the original, but with a decided “this isn’t your father’s version” update. Other than giving a fresh, dub-step influenced, modern re-work of the classic theme, we’ve gone very futuristic with all the sound design, patterning it after the computer and technology sounds of the Iron Man movies. So in this case, it’s a step forward with a tip of the hat to the original, but in some cases, going totally retro will work too. The key is to talk to your producers, and listen. At the end of the day, success in the audio industry is like sales - it’s about 60% listening to the needs of your client, and 405 creating and managing the audio (great topic for a whole other blog).